Comprehensive Medication Review:

  • New patient's (60 minutes) and Established patient's (45 minutes).
  • Session either over phone or at an agreed upon location.
  • Develop a Personal Medication Record (PMR) to document patient's medications.
  • Identify and prioritize existing or potential Medication Related Problems (MRP).
  • Create a Medication Action Plan (MAP) to address the medication problems.
  • Medication education and counseling, including access to the AudibleRx Consumer Medication Information library.
  • Pharmacist communication via fax or email with the patients physician as necessary.
  • Follow-up phone call at 7 days to assure understanding of the Medication Action Plan.
  • Personal Medication Record, Medication Action Plan and Physician Communication Form provided to patient via email within 48 hours of visit.
  • Follow-up email avialbility for 30 days (to answer questions about the Coaching visit).

Target Medication Review:

  • 20 minute session.
  • Patient and caregiver education on new medication.
  • Add new medication into the Personal Medication Record as necessary.
  • Identification of any potential Medication Related Problems with new medication.
  • Follow-up with patients physician regarding the new medication as necessary.

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